Tips Choosing a Hotel That is Friendly for Children


More and more hotel choices in Indonesian tourist destinations are increasingly paying attention to the needs of children. Yes, family travel should think about the needs of your little one when he travels. Not all hotels pay attention to children, especially babies’ needs.

Keep in mind, children should feel free to do activities in the hotel environment without feeling the least bit disturbed by guests. However, how to choose a hotel that is friendly to young children? Here are simple tips on how to choose a child-friendly hotel, especially for children aged 12 years.


Hotel Facility

When choosing a hotel, make sure what facilities the hotel has. Hotels that consider children as guests usually provide some facilities for children. Call it starting from the kids club or play area for children in the room. Then usually, hotels also have a playground or play area for children outdoors.

Meanwhile, in the swimming pool, the swimming pools for adults and children are separated. Some hotels even have water rides in the swimming pool for children such as water slides. There are also hotels that provide nursing rooms for babies. Or, just a room to change diapers or breastfeed the baby. Also make sure, the hotel restaurant has a menu for children.

Room Terrace

Check the room to be occupied. Does the room have a terrace or not. If there is a terrace, is the distance and terrace divider safe from the reach of children. Also pay attention to the height of the floor. If the room does not have a terrace, what about the bedroom window. Is safe enough from the reach of your little one. This is especially so if the room you are staying in is at an altitude. If possible, choose a room on the lower floors.

Mini Kitchen in Room

It’s good when choosing a hotel, you should also consider choosing a hotel with a mini kitchen room concept. This will make it easier for you when preparing milk for your baby. If your child is a toddler, the mini kitchen also helps you prepare your little one’s food.

Spacious Room

The more spacious the room is, the more expensive the price. However, now there are many hotels with standard rooms that are quite spacious. Look for a fairly large room, starting at about 18 square meters. The more children you have, the more spacious rooms you have. The spacious room will make your little one feel comfortable playing without the fear of bumping into things. Also pay attention to whether the room has too much furniture or not. The simpler the room, the better.


Choose a hotel with a garden. The park can be a place for your little one to play. He will be able to run around freely without disturbing the other guests. Usually, your little one doesn’t want to stay still and run around the lobby area. Young children tend to see a large room as a play area. Not surprisingly, the spacious hotel lobby for young children is an exciting running area. So, take your little one to the hotel garden to channel his desire to run.


No less important is choosing hotels based on location. You must have designed what tourist objects you and your child will visit. Search for hotels near these attractions. This is to reduce the time during the trip.

Type Of Hotel

Indeed, accommodation for families is suitable for a hotel with a family resort concept. It’s just that, not all tourist destinations provide resorts. Even the price is quite expensive. Another option is indeed a business hotel or a budget hotel. Although it is a business hotel, usually these hotels also provide various facilities for children.

Because, even on normal days, sometimes guests staying overnight on a business trip are forced to bring their children along. So, when parents have a meeting, the children are usually entrusted to the kids club. Therefore, some hotels also provide baby sitting facilities.

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If it is a business hotel that you are looking for, pay attention to the facilities and security for your little one. Meanwhile, for budget hotels, there are no facilities for your little one. Just make sure you choose the largest room to make it easier for your child to move.

Also ask the hotel about your needs when bringing your little one to stay at the hotel. For example, regarding certain foods for your child. If the hotel finds it difficult to meet your needs, you should just look for another hotel. There is nothing wrong with paying more for your little one’s sake, rather than not maximizing vacation time with your children.